Digital Pen

To a digital writing user, a digital pen1 writes like a standard ballpoint pen. The difference is that a digital pen captures strokes handwritten on pattern paper. The pattern enables the digital pen to capture each handwritten stroke accurately and precisely. Since the pattern is unique on each sheet of paper, the pen recognizes the specific form in use and determines where on the form the user is writing and when the pen has moved from one form to another. The digital pen stores the handwriting in memory, and then routes it to the EDW® platform in one of two ways: by placing the pen in a USB-connected cradle at a PC or via a Bluetooth® connection to a mobile communication device or a PC.

The digital pen’s memory can hold up to 40 pages of letter-size notes of handwritten information, or the equivalent of 200 typical one page forms.

1 Provided by ExpeData or ExpeData partners under license from Anoto®

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